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This year Labyrint is teaming up with JoHo once more to get you through your exams! JoHo offers high quality summaries adapted to the exam materials. 

Studying online

  • All JoHo summaries are or will be published as usual through or (JoHo)

    Psychology IBP Bachelor 1
    Psychology IBP Bachelor 2 & 3

  • On the Online summary shops you will find the assortiment for your study year and you can see whether summaries are published or expected and if they can be used online or picked up in print.

Picking up summaries at the JoHo support centers

  • You can always come to the JoHo support center & shop in Leiden and pick up printed summaries

  • Published summaries are always on stock, you don't have to order in advance.

Have it delivered at home

  • If you do not want to or cannot study online or use the pick-up options, you can also have printed summaries delivered to your home.

JoHo summaries and study assistance are intended to increase your chances of passing exams in a sustainable way for minimal costs and to allow you to study in the way that suits you best.

JoHo's: summaries, exam questions, article summaries and study notes for Psychology students.

• A JoHo gives you more insight into the main and side issues of the compulsory literature, helps you to study faster and more effectively, ensures better results and helps you to keep your knowledge up-to-date after your studies.
• You will almost always pass your exam if you use the various JoHo's.
• JoHo's can be used online on your phone or desktop or can be collected on paper at the Labyrint Common Room
• All English-language summaries are also available to students in countries with limited access to study books and study materials

Join JoHo and receive at least 10 printed summaries for free and have 24/7 online access to the online JoHo summaries and study assistance

You can join JoHo for less than 1.50 a month

Join JoHo online via the JoHo website, or visit the JoHo study support center Leiden

Extra’s for Labyrint members!
• A part of the printed summaries are exclusively available for members of Labyrint. You can identify yourself as a Labyrint member at the JoHo shop by showing your conformation email
• Labyrint members can pick up 5 extra free printed summaries