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With nearly 3000 members, Study Association Labyrint is one of the largest study associations in the Netherlands. This allows us to offer our members unique discounts and opportunities. That is why the majority of students choose to become a member of Labyrint.

All benefits of membership at a glance:

  • Study books, summaries and tutoring at a discount
  • Discount on all Labyrint activities
  • Work on your CV as a committee- or board member
  • That and more for only € 17.50 per academic year

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Study books and summaries

First, you can buy study books at a discount with us. Because we have a contract with a bookstore, we can offer students a discount.
In addition to textbooks, we also sell summaries, which are a useful aid in preparing for your exams. You also get a discount on tutoring, for the last step to a successful exam.


In addition, the many committees of Labyrint organize activities throughout the academic year. These can be socially oriented or study-related activities. For example, we organize an annual study trip, congresses, lectures, drinks, and Labyrint is known throughout Leiden (and beyond!) for its fun parties. As a Labyrint member, you get a discount on many of these activities! Some activities (such as the study trip) are only open to our members. Click on the heading "activities" in the overview to the right for more information.

Newsletter and magazine

In addition, as a member, you will receive our digital newsletter every month, which keeps you informed of all activities that are organized there. You will also receive deSofa, Labyrint's magazine. Here you will find interviews, interesting articles about the field, reports of Labyrint activities, etc...

Do you want to unsubscribe from "deSofa" or the newsletter? Send an e-mail to


As a member, you are also entitled to the yearbook, in which you can find all kinds of information about Leiden, your fellow students, the Labyrint committees, and the organized activities. You can pick it up in the Labyrint Common Room (SA55)!

Active membership

In addition to being able to attend all these wonderful activities, you can of course also help to organize them! An active membership with Labyrint (or any association whatsoever) is a good learning experience in addition to your studies. Besides that, it is a lot of fun and it also looks good on your CV!

The committees are composed by the board at the beginning of each academic year. Every year an active members' day and an active members' dinner are organized for the active members of Labyrint. Under the heading 'committees' in the overview on the right, you can read which committees Labyrint has and what each committee organizes.

The cost of membership

As a full-time, part-time, or transition student you can become a member for € 17.50 per academic year. Since 2009-2010, the so-called 'guest students' (minor and HBO elective students) and international students have also been able to become members per semester. This will cost you € 9.00 per semester. The guest student membership can only be paid by card in the Common Room (SA55).

Finally, there is the alumni membership. This is intended for former members who still want to remain affiliated with the association and the university. This membership costs € 10.00 per year.

PLEASE NOTE: Labyrint membership is not automatically terminated when you finish studying! You must cancel this in writing before 1 August. See more about this under "Ending your membership".

If you have any questions after reading this page, take a look at our frequently asked questions page.

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