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To all first year students


As a member of Labyrint, you can benefit from everything Labyrint has to offer! You can buy your books at a discount, and Labyrint offers summaries and tutoring. Besides, you can join all of the activities for the reduced member price: parties, study trips, lectures, courses and many more. Check the event calendar out here to see what activities will be organized this year. Do you also want to become a member of Labyrint? Click here!

First years weekend

Labyrint organizes a first years weekend each year, in September. This weekend is the perfect moment for first year psychology students to get to know each other as well as our study association Labyrint. This weekend introduces you to over a hundred first year psychology students, both Dutch and International. Join this weekend with festivities, lots of fun and epic games, and have the perfect start to your studentlife as a psychology student at Leiden University!

Books: only webshop from now on

You can only order your books at a discount through our webshop. More and more students use the webshop. Online ordering is convenient, easy and fast! Click here to go to the webshop. You can buy new books, but we also offer second hand copies and e-books! Order your books soon, so you will be able to make a good start with your courses. You can find individual books by entering the title of the book in the search bar. Books which are in stock whilst you place your order usually arrive within 4 working days.
Note: Only Labyrint members will receive up to 20% discount on their books. Signing up for Labyrint costs only 17,50 per year and can be done by filling in this online form. 

Exam training

As a Labyrint member you can get 15% discount on your tutoring courses of via this link. helps you through you study in collaboration with Labyrint.

We can help you with almost every subject on a level that suits you. TentamenTrainingen offers high qualitiy trainings for almost four years to students in all the parts of the Netherlands. We were founded by StudeerSnel, the study platform you probably know about.

When you take a tutoring class, you want to know for you take it at the best provider. With you know exactly where you stand because of two things:

1.  Firstly, our courses are evaluated publicly. You can go through more than 4000 evaluations via our website. Our mean evaluation score is 8,3, and our teachers' mean score is even a 8,5, and we hope you'll quickly book a course to discover our quality.

2. TentamenTrainingen is the only organisation that gives the unique 'Didn't pass, get your money back' guarantee. You can only give such a guarantee if you aim to get the highest quality possible on a daily basis. You can find more information about this on our website.

Finally, you can get a fantastic discount if you book via Labyrint!


JoHo summaries and study assistance are intended to increase your chances of passing exams in a sustainable way for minimal costs and to allow you to study in the way that suits you best.

JoHo's: summaries, exam questions, article summaries and study notes for Psychology students.

• A JoHo gives you more insight into the main and side issues of the compulsory literature, helps you to study faster and more effectively, ensures better results and helps you to keep your knowledge up-to-date after your studies.
• You will almost always pass your exam if you use the various JoHo's.
• JoHo's can be used online on your phone or desktop or can be collected on paper at the Labyrint Common Room
• All English-language summaries are also available to students in countries with limited access to study books and study materials

More information you can find on this page.

Labyrint Clothing

An association can’t do without its own special clothing! At Labyrint you can also buy the nicest clothing such as warm sweaters and pretty shirts. This way, everyone will know where you belong! Click here to see what clothing Labyrint has to offer and what the prices are. You can also order your favourite piece of clothing from here!


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